Driver Resource Material

This page provides valuable information about the operation and in-station maintenance procedures for Baltimore County Fire Department Apparatus.  The information located on this page is updated frequently as a collaboration between the Fire-Rescue Academy, the Safety Office, and Fire Maintenance.

Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Michael Huber serves as the Fire Department's liaison with Fire Maintenance

Testing Aerial Maps
FRA Evaluation Site Map (PDF)
Jacksonville Evaluation Site Map (PDF)

Important Apparatus Updates
Ambulance/Medic Unit Service Bulletin (October 2019) (PDF)
Ford F550 Medic Unit Bulletin (New M56 and M60) (PDF)
Service Bulletin for RT 91, RT 92, and RT 93 (PDF)
Brake Service Bulletin v2 08/2019 (PDF)
Service Bulletin - 10/2019 (PDF)
Service Bulletin - 01/2019 (PDF)

Apparatus User Manuals
Pierce Ladder Truck Service Manual (PDF)
Download the Automatic & Combination Air Prime Systems Guide (PDF)
Darley LDMX Pump Operator's Manual (PDF)
LDMX Drawing (PDF)
Pierce Enforcer Manual (PDF)
Pierce Pumper Manual (PDF)
Pierce Pumper Manual (PDF)
Trident Air Prime Overview (PDF)
Download the Rosenbauer Engine Manual (PDF)
Download the First Generation Rosenbauer Truck Manual (For T5, T13, and T15 only) (PDF)
Download the Second Generation Rosenbauer Truck Manual (for T1, T8, and T18 only) (PDF)
Download the Liquid Spring Manual (PDF)
Breathing Air Compressor Unit Manual for AU 11, 19, and 57 (PDF)
Pierce Arrow XT Operator's Manual

Apparatus Training Presentations
Air Unit Compressor Operations Overview - AU 11, 19, and 57 (PPT)

Frieghtliner M2 Air Unit Overview (MP4)
FRA Stryker Equipment Presentation (PPT)
First Generation Rosenbauer Truck Familiarization Presentation (For T5, T13, and T15 only) (PPT)
New Generation Rosenbauer Trucks (PPT)
Cummins Motor Regeneration (PPT)
Brush Truck Presentation (PPT)
General Walk Around Inspection Presentation (PPT)

Equipment Information
BlowHard Fan Battery Balancing Procedure (PDF)
FRC INCONTROL Pressure Governor Manual (PDF)

Reference Material
Baltimore County Fire Department EVO Guidebook (PDF)
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration's Policy on Sharing the Road with Emergency Vehicles (PDF)
BCoFD Safe Driving Principles (PDF)
BCoFD Safe Positioning Principles (PDF)
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Quick Reference Card (PDF)
Maryland Dry Hydrants - Reference Material (PDF)
MD Motor Carrier Handbook (PDF)
Pump Driver's Reference Guide (PDF)
2021 Pump Charts (PDF)