Firefighter to Emergency Medical Services Bridge Program

The Firefighter to EMS Bridge program allows current career members of the Baltimore County Fire Department who are Firefighters to be cleared to function as primary care Emergency Medical Technicians on department ambulances and medic units.

Candidates must possess the following prerequisites to be considered for the Firefighter to EMS Bridge Process:

  • Maryland Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or higher

Bridge Clearance Process

  1. Applicants who meet the prerequisites may download the Firefighter to EMS Bridge Turn-In Packet .  Once the packet is received, the Firefighter to EMS Bridge Receipt of Packet (PDF) must be returned to the FRA in seven (7) days with a copy of the candidate's Maryland EMT Card.
  2. When the applicant has completed all sections of the Bridge Turn-In Packet, the station officer will submit a Firefighter to EMS Bridge Turn-In Request to secure a date to complete the turn-in process.
  3. The candidate will submit the completed Firefighter to EMS Bridge Turn-In Packet on the day of the test.  At the FRA, the candidate will complete the three Basic Life Support Skills Cards (PDF).  If a candidate completes all of the requirements they will be cleared to function as an Emergency Medical Technician.
    *The turn-in packet MUST be physically with the candidate when reporting to the FRA for testing or the candidate will not be permitted to test.

Failure of Skill Stations
Failure of Skill Stations
If an applicant fails any skill station, remediation will be conducted at the member's station with their company officer.  A Form 51 must be completed for the station(s) failed by the company officer and the candidate must schedule a re-test by submitting an Online Training Request no earlier than two weeks from the initial test date.  The candidate will only be required to re-test the skill(s) failed during the first attempt.  All completed Form 51's must accompany the candidate on the day of the re-test or the applicant will not be allowed to test.  A candidate is only permitted one (1) retest of each skill.

Failure of Re-Test Attempt
If the applicant fails a re-test, the applicant will be required to complete the entire process over including the in-station packet and all three skills check-offs.  The applicant must return to their field assignment and re-train with their officers.  They will not be able to re-test within a three (3) month period.  A Form 51 for all failed skills, as well as a new Firefighter to EMS Bridge Turn-In Packet, must be completed with the company officer before the candidate can schedule a re-test.

Please note:  A bridge packet is only good for a period of six months from the date of issue.  If an applicant must complete an additional in-station packet, the 3-month period begins the date that the new packet is issued.