Burn Technician Program

Burn Technicians support the Fire-Rescue Academy staff with live fire burn scenarios.  These scenarios predominantly occur at the Fire Academy facility, but may also include acquired structure burns.

Candidates must possess the following prerequisites to be considered for the Burn Technician certification:

  • Firefighter II (MFSPQB, NBFSPQ, IFSAC or DoD-IFSAC certification)
  • Fire Service Instructor I (MFSPQB, NBFSPQ, IFSAC, or DoD-IFSAC certification)
  • MFRI Conducting Safe Live Fire Training Evolutions (MGMT-215, 12 hours)
  • Fire Suppression Entry Qualified in Baltimore County (White PAT Tag)

Burn Technician Clearance Process
Complete the Burn Technician Application (PDF).  Submit the application, along with required prerequisites, to the Fire-Rescue Academy.  Candidates will perform at least one burn under the direct supervision of a current Burn Technician and Fire Academy Instructor before being cleared to function independently.