Tanker Turn-In Procedures

Completion of the Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator (FADO) Tanker Turn-In through the Fire-Rescue Academy will allow the candidate to drive Tanker 56..  Station officers should work with personnel to ensure that those individuals driving specialized units are familiar with their operation.

Candidates must possess the following prerequisites to be considered for the Tanker Turn-In:

  • Current FADO or cleared back-up engine driver.

Evaluation and Turn-In
Applicants should review the Sample Tanker FADO Skills Cards (PDF) to prepare for the evaluation prior to scheduling.  The evaluation will require successful completion of the following:

  • Tanker FADO Skill Card.
  • Closed course skills (Serpentine, turn-about, alley dock excercises)
  • On-Road driving evaluation

Once the individual is ready to complete the evaluation, the station officer should complete a Driver Turn-In Request.

Failure of Skills Cards
Students failing a single skill card may elect to retest that same day.