O2X Workshop 

This workshop is open to members of the Baltimore County Police Department and the Baltimore County Fire Department (career & volunteer).  Class size is limited to 60 members (30 Police & 30 Fire).  Seating is first come, first serve.

There are 4 one-day classes to choose from.

What You'll Learn:

  • Manage Your Fatigue with Yoga and iRest for Tactical Athletes
  • Stability, Mobility, Movement: Prevent Injuries and Increase Durability
  • O2X Readiness Assessment
  • Foundations of Nutrition and Fueling for Performance

Class Times: 0800-1600

All classes will be held in the gymnasium located in the Manuszak Building.

*Exception: the December 13th session will be held in the St. Paul Companies Pavilion.

Please bring: Water bottle, athletic footwear, workout attire, mobile device.

*On-duty Fire Department members should consult their BC/DC via their chain-of-command to determine if staffing permits the detailing of personnel to attend a session prior to committing to a date they are scheduled to work.