Engine Turn-In Procedures

Completion of the Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator (FADO) Engine Turn-In through the Fire-Rescue Academy will allow the candidate to drive all Class "B" apparatus in the department fleet, including HM 114, FOAM 14, and DECON 54.  The turn-in consists of six skill stations and a road course.  Station officers should work with personnel to ensure that those individuals driving specialized units are familiar with their operation.

Candidates must possess the following prerequisites to be considered for the Engine Turn-In:

  • MFRI Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (FIRE-130)
  • MFRI Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator (FIRE-113)
  • Firefighter II (MFSPQB, NBFSPQ, IFSAC or DoD-IFSAC certification)

Items to be Completed at the Station Prior to Scheduling
The following items should be completed and brought on the day of the test.  Please utilize the Checklist of Paperwork (PDF) to assist in preparing these documents.

  1.  Two copies of your Driver's License and EVO Card (if applicable), both sides
  2.  Two copies of a Form 330 for a daily check done the day of the test
  3.  A copy of your MFRI Unofficial Transcript showing EVOC and Pump Operations
  4.  A copy of your ProBoard Transcript indicating Firefighter II
  5.  The MFSPQB FADO Pumper Skills Checklist (PDF) *
  6.  The MFSPQB Mobile Water Supply Skills Checklist (PDF) *
  7.  The FADO Engine In-Station Performance Objectives Checklist (PDF)
  8.  A completed Driving Log with a minimum of ten (10) driving hours completed.  Note: it is not necessary to bring a DOT from each day the candidate drove.  ONLY two copies of the Form 330 for the day of the test are required to be brought for testing.
  9.  A completed FADO - Pump Pro Qual Application
  10.  A completed FADO - Mobile Water Supply Pro Qual Application

* When completing the MFSPQB Skills Checklists, please ensure that the forms are completed in their entirety and signed in contrasting color ink.  Each individual line must be dated and initialed; it is not acceptable to draw a line down the sheet indicating completion of multiple skills.  The MFSPQB will reject these forms and this will result in significant processing delays.

Scheduling a Turn-In
Applicants should review the SAMPLE FADO Engine Skill Cards (PDF) to prepare for the turn-in process prior to scheduling.  The test will consist of the six skills cards as well as an on-road test.  Once the individual is ready for a turn-in, the station officer should complete a Driver Turn-In Request.

Failure of Skill Cards
The candidate must successfully complete six skills cards related to the operation of the vehicle as well as an on-road test.

Failing One Skill Card
If an applicant fails one card they can re-test on the same day after receiving remediation for the failed skill and signing a Form 51. If the applicant fails the re-test, they will then follow the same instructions for those who fail two or three stations on the first attempt.

Failing Two Skill Cards
If an applicant fails two or more skill cards, remediation will be conducted at the member's station with their company officer. A Form 51 must be completed for each skill card failed by the company officer and the candidate must schedule a re-test by submitting an Online Training Request no earlier than two weeks from the completed Form 51's must accompany the candidate on the day of the re-test or the applicant will not be allowed to test.

Failure of a Re-test
If an applicant fails a re-test, the applicant will be required to complete the entire process over including the In-Station Training requirements listed on the Turn-In Procedure checklist. The applicant must return to their field assignment and re-train with their shift. They will not be able re-test within a three (3) month period. A Form 51 for all failed skills must be completed by the company officer before the candidate can schedule a re-test. All Form 51s must accompany the candidate on the day of the re-test or the candidate will not be allowed to test.