Fire-Rescue Academy Staff Members

Contact the Baltimore County Fire-Rescue Academy (FRA) staff via email by selecting a name below or by calling 410-887-7523.

The FRA's normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Photo Designation Contact Role
Academy 1 Timothy B. Rostkowski, NRP
Fire Director
Director of Training and Education
Academy 2 Ethan T. Johnson
Fire Captain
Fire/Rescue Training Administrator
Safety 4 Michael E. DeLuca
Fire Lieutenant
Fire/Rescue Training Supervisor
Academy 3 Danielle M. Knatz, NRP
Emergency Medical Services Lieutenant
Emergency Medical Services Training Administrator
Safety 3 W. Richard White
Fire Specialist
Senior Instructor
Field Training Program Coordinator
Academy 6 Krystal L. Kelly, NRP
EMS Instructor
Basic Life Support Program Coordinator
Academy 7 Susan M. Arnett, NRP
EMS Instructor
Advanced Life Support Program Coordinator
Academy 8 Stephen E. Thompson
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
Fire Instructor
Driver Training Program Coordinator
Academy 9 Jason J. Wurzbacher
Fire Instructor
Office 1 Nikki P. Roros
Executive Secretary
Office Manager
Office 2 Elizabeth A. Bailey
Office Coordinator
Office Coordinator