ALS Refresher Registration

The FRA will be holding our first annual ALS Refresher Program. The program will be divided into 4 quarters, beginning this May with medical. We will offer (1) Monday, Thursday & Saturday per month. Each Day is broken down into 2 sessions, (1) Morning session beginning at 0800hrs and (1) Afternoon session beginning at 1230hrs. We will not have an afternoon session during Trauma. Please see below: 

  • 1st Qtr. Cardiology: (Beginning 2020) January thru March
  • 2nd Qtr. Medical: April thru June
  • 3rd Qtr. Pediatric: July thru September
  • 4th Qtr. Trauma: (Morning Session Only) October

 You will have a 2 year period to complete all 7 sessions. The sessions are NOT MIRRORED, therefore you must attend each session.

For example, you may attend the medical morning session during the second quarter on one date and an afternoon session on a different date.

This was intended for ALS providers who are expiring in 2021, and anyone thereafter. We cannot guarantee ALS providers who are expiring in 2020 will be able to complete the 30 hour requirement, but this could be possible.

Seating preference will be for functioning Baltimore County career and volunteer ALS providers.